What to do in Salina


There's plenty to do in Salina! Below are a few of our favorites, and see the attached list for our poll of Top Hits of Salina. 

Indian rock Park

This beautiful park is alongside the Smoky Hill River with views of waterfalls. It has mountain bike and hiking trails as well as picnic areas for recreation. These trails connect to the Levee Trail System which has more than 6 miles of continuous trail. 

Downtown salina- Santa Fe

This eclectic area features many local restaurants and shops. Some of our favorites include Blue Skye Brewery, Ad Astra Coffee Shop, and Seraphim Bakery. There's something for everyone.

Rolling Hills Zoo

Our very own exotic wildlife, right outside of Salina! A family membership provides repeat fun year-round. From rhinos, to tigers and giraffes, the zoo has special events that keep life in Salina a little on the wild side!


Gather here after a long week, or to celebrate with friends as another rotation comes to a close.