Procedures: 1/2-1 block

Two or four week elective spent doing procedures in the clinic and/or at the hospital.  Clinic procedures include joint injections, skin biopsies and cryotherapy, IUD insertion and removal, Nexplanon insertion and removal, vasectomies, colposcopy, and LEEP procedures among others.  Hospital procedures require reaching out to volunteer faculty and include EGD and colonoscopy, cholecystectomy, appendectomy, tubal ligations, D&Cs, and hysterectomies among others. 


Opportunity to spend with several urologists in here on Salina. Ability to gain clinic and hospital based knowledge as well as procedure opportunities. Focus on chronic urologic conditions and urologic emergencies you will see in your rural clinic and ED.


Inpatient medicine service. 

Neurology: 1/2 block

Crazy? Or really something wrong here?

Emergency Department: 1/2 block

Work with local ER docs. 

Inpatient Pediatrics: 1 block

Lots of newborns and circs. 

BSCM- Behavioral Science & Community Medicine: 1 block

Flight of ideas. Perseverance on vacation. 

COP- Care of the Older Patient: 1 block

Checked Out and Praying vacation comes soon. 

Surgery: 1 block

Wake Up. Round. Scrub. Cut. Tie. Hold Retractor. Hold Retractor. Hold retractor...DON'T CUT THE KNOT TOO CLOSE!. Tie. Staple. Notes. Clinic. Home. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.  

SHOC- Smoky Hill On Call: 1 block

The bigdaddy of all rotations. 

Elective: 1 block

Do whatever.